Pre-International Guerrilla Sunflower Gardening Day

Vanessa Harden and Samantha Varney decided to make flyers to hand out to people at the march on May 1st. They made paper embedded with sunflower seeds, and then stenciled the name of the event with food colouring.  Our aim was to hand out flyers on the day to promote the event.  If individuals chose to take the flyer and go to the website, great! But if they dropped or discarded the flyer on the ground, they would be unknowingly planting sunflowers to beautify the city!


3 thoughts on “Pre-International Guerrilla Sunflower Gardening Day

  1. Hi I’m from the french GG 🙂 How did you do that ? We would like to do the same for our actions. Sorry I can’t say you more with my poor english. Sincerly and “guérilleusement”, Gabe

    • Hi Gabe!
      Thanks for showing a keen interest in he arts of guerrila gardening 🙂
      Making seedpills is actually quite simple. All you need to do is buy vegetarian capsules (found easily on the internet), fill them with dry soil and some seeds and, voila!
      Happy Sowing!

  2. Hi, these seed pills are a really great idea, seems easier to use and make than seed bombs. In france/french, you have to search for “gélules végétales vides” they are made with “cellulose”

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