Children Often Know Best

Yet another beautiful day in Mumbai and a perfect afternoon to visit Dr. Vijaya Patil’s terrace garden at her family home.  As Dr. Patil shows us her garden she tells my colleagues from Earthoholics and I how a roof top garden has brought joy to her and her children. Seeing seeds grow into plants has amazed them in a way that can only be taught from ‘doing’ rather than ‘teaching’.  This along with the fresh produce that her garden yields on a regular basis are the main reasons why she decided to create this rooftop garden of fruit and vegetables.  Today we have been called to her house to help her with a small pest problem.  Our garden specialist quickly assesses the situation and concocts a liquid of neem oil and liquid soap – Barbie shampoo to be exact!  The children’s youthful presence can obviously be seen in every aspects of this family’s garden.  After treating the infected plants with the neem solution, we then go to work sowing additional seeds in empty pots hoping for more organic produce to grow.  Not only has this garden provided Dr. Patil and her family with fresh produce year round, it has also offered her children the opportunity to learn and understand how food is grown.  As her daughter points out,”Eating a bean that you’ve grown is much tastier that eating a bean that you’ve bought!”  Children often know best.


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