Greetings Subversive Gardeners!


My name is Sarah Fogel, I am currently a senior graduating with a BA/MA degree from The New School in New York City in the field of Urban Studies and Food Studies, and I am so elated to have been recently welcomed to be a part of the Subversive Gardener family to work alongside Vanessa on this project that seems very close to her heart and mine.

I began my work as a gardening enthusiast and fruit tree seeker long before I could understand what it was I was doing, and far longer before I knew my adventurous plant searching habits would one day become the way I navigate my daily interactions with this urban terrain. I suppose I’ve come a long way for it now to be the subject of all of my writing and research.

Growing up in San Diego, CA was a utopia of produce, whether we grew it ourselves or had access to it at the local farmers market, it became second nature to care for the beautiful seasonalities of fruits and vegetables. At a young age my brother and I would wake up every morning and pick ingredients in our backyard, as our garden grew, so did we. Beyond the boundaries of our yard, we began to scavenge around the neighborhood for more fun goodies that maybe others had neglected, this included possible gardening tools as well as that lemon tree a few blocks away dripping down into the street. This is what we categorized as “alley finds.”  This scavenger hunt ritual became the best part of the day, and went on for years. It wasn’t until I moved away to New York City and lost the habit that I noticed it held a fundamental importance in my life.

I am glad to say that for the past 4 years I have reintegrated the practice or fruit foraging, adventuring, and gardening back into my life as well as sharing my practices through pedagogy, urban fruit tree maps, and literature. With this new opportunity to join the Subversive Gardener family I know that I will learn so much more in the ways of urban gardening and hope to contribute my love for cooking with the possibility of pop-up dinners in the near future as well sharing anything else I find along this journey.


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