Bring on 2019 with a Recap of our Chili Charity Feast!

Happy New Year everyone!  We wanted to start off the year by recounting one of our favourite projects from last year. On November 1st, twenty-five bold individuals took on a hot challenge: surviving a tasting of six fiery hot sauces. This charity feast took place in a meadery called Honey’s in Brooklyn. As Chef Heather Dombrosky’s prepared the courses, Vanessa Harden of The Subversive Gardener shared the story of the peppers.

It began with hundreds of Baker Creek Heirloom hot peppers grown in an apartment and harvested for the Heatonist to turn into six tasty hot sauces. Next, the hot sauces were paired with six vegetable dishes generously grown and provided by Natoora, and served up by Chef Heather Dombrosky. (Checkout the yummy menu below)  Finally, the profits from the meal were donated to the Youth farm, an education focused community farm.

The farm-to-table-to-farm event brought together people from all walks of life including those who contributed to some aspect of the meal such as representatives from Bakers Creek Seed company, the Heatonist, the Youth farm, the Brooklyn Grange Rooftop Farm, New York University, The Subversive Gardener and many more. The event left guests energized by their newly made connections with other guests, a gift baggy full of a seed packet with their very own peppers to grow, crushed red peppers, and chocolate and of course a very full happy stomach. We can’t wait to see what next year will will bring!

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