Meet Padriag!



Hi! My name is Padraig Delaney and I am currently a senior at NYU graduating with a BS in Sustainable Urban Environments. My degree is an interdisciplinary major with a focus on future sustainable cities.  During my studies, I have taken classes on greening cities, green roofs, and community gardens.  Beyond that, my mother has always been into gardening and I would frequently help her pick out plants to plant. My experience and classes have opened my eyes to the role that gardening, or vegetation can have on a city. I am excited to work with the Subversive Gardener so that I can focus on one aspect of sustainable cities which is greening.  

Guerrilla gardening and urban agriculture is an important part of making a city more sustainable. Specifically, I have been very interested in seeing how people take the initiative to green their own communities when the government does not. Another thing that I did not realize until coming to NYC is that urban vegetation can also be a source of food. I have spent a lot of time thinking about how we can bring food sources closer to the people when we live in such a dense environment. Guerrilla gardening can be an avenue to instill that change in society.

After I graduate this spring, I hope to either pursue a graduate degree in public policy or continue to work for a not-for-profit organization that focuses on sustainability within cities.  I hope to keep an open mind to the different methods or approaches that instill change in society such as Guerrilla gardening.



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