Guerrilla Gardening Adventure!

GG excursion june- thomas 4

Our Mission: To plant tomatoes at the Tomato triangle. Our tools: 3 pairs of hands, three trowels, gloves, a watering can, and a LOT of tomatoes.On Tuesday we decided it was time to get some of our tomatoes in the ground. So we decided to brave the heat and head over to the tomato triangle, and began our guerrilla gardening outing.

We chose a spot for the tomatoes, in the thick of some ivy that was cleared out and began prepping the ground. We did not take many precautions to look inconspicuous, or use any of our guerrilla gardening tools, although there was talk of inventing a tool that could hold enough water easily and inconspicuously enough so that we did not have to keep running back and forth to fill up our watering can.

It was actually serendipitous that we looked like we were about to garden, wearing gloves, armed with trowels and plants, because as soon as we approached the triangle, two friendly faces timidly peer over to see what we were doing.  “Are you going to plant those there?” “it is better in the planters”. That’s when we met Pedro and Josefina who are responsible for the neighborhood recycling. They said they had seen The Subversive Gardener’s pepper plants last year and learned that in the thick of they ivy might not be the best place to put our plants. Instead they recommended using the planters that lined the triangle. Pedro mentioned that he had looked forward to picking some of the peppers last year until they were stolen by someone. It was a bummer that the plants were stolen, but we were more excited that Pedro had seen our plants and was going to eat from them, and even better now he was seeing us plant these new tomatoes.

It was so cool to meet fellow guerrilla gardeners and people whom our plants have impacted. We aim to make connections with amazing people like Pedro! He even shared a guerrilla gardening tale about how he chose to save a few plants that would have been otherwise thrown away and had planted one of the rescued plants in a nearby unsued planter.  It is connections and stories like this that really warms our hearts, when we can connect with people who are helping to make the environment and neighborhood a better place to live.

triangle gg 6


Triangle gg

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