A Field Trip with #CreativeMornings!

IMG_2076It is 8:00AM and The Subversive Gardener along with 16 other gardeners from CreativeMornings have already ventured outside for a guerrilla gardening mission.  Our mission today includes discussing guerrilla gardening practices; what it is and how to do it, and then putting that information into action. We also talked about the story of the plants, how we grew hundreds of them from seed, distributed them around the city and how some of them ended up here at our tomato triangle.

After a little background information, it was time to help our tomatoes out. We grabbed some dowels and twist ties and  began to stake them up. The tomatoes have grown significantly and are getting heavy.  

As we finish to string up the tomatoes we head over to a table and we talk about seed pills and teach our “students” how to make them. This leads to a discussion about which spaces might need a little more attention. We also get a chance to learn more about the wonderful people  who have joined us so early in the morning are. 

Many of them happen to be creatives who choose to come on meet ups and learn new skills, everything from cooking new foods, playing group games in central locations of New York or as they are doing this morning guerrilla gardening field trip. It is always wonderful to see what brings so many different people from different places together. Some were gardening enthusiasts and others were learning gardening fundamentals for the first time (like what a tomato plant looked like). Whatever the reason for coming and helping out we are glad that we got to spend this sunny morning completing another successful guerrilla gardening mission! 

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