Vanessa Harden creates public interventions and art installations that explore our relationship with design, people and the world around us. Combining traditional methods of fabrication with current technologies, Vanessa creates tools that investigate the role of commodities as a catalyst for discussion about social issues. She delivers lectures and conducts workshops internationally on the topic of public art and gardening interventions.

This blog is dedicated to the exploration of her Seed Pill, one of the products in The Subversive Gardener.  This series explores various methods of disguising gardening paraphernalia in everyday attire and accessories, drawing on influences from militaria and spy gadgetry. Secretly dropping seed bombs on their way to work or planting flowers on their way home, these designs allow guerrilla gardeners to integrate their assaults into their everyday routine.

For more information about Vanessa and her work, please visit: www.vanessaharden.com

… Or to get in touch directly: contact@vanessaharden.com


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