Pre-International Guerrilla Sunflower Gardening Day

Vanessa Harden and Samantha Varney decided to make flyers to hand out to people at the march on May 1st. They made paper embedded with sunflower seeds, and then stenciled the name of the event with food colouring.  Our aim was to hand out flyers on the day to promote the event.  If individuals chose to take the flyer and go to the website, great! But if they dropped or discarded the flyer on the ground, they would be unknowingly planting sunflowers to beautify the city!


Seed Pills @ fuorisalone Milano 2010

While showing “The Subversive Gardener” at fuorisalone Milano 2010, Vanessa decided to do a bit of guerrilla gardening.  Across the street from her exhibition, she planted some flowers and some seed pills.  If you happen to walk by Via Thaon de Revel in Milan, and see some flowers in unusual places, you’ll know a guerrilla gardener has been around.


…and after

9 days later

Here are a couple of pictures of our targets 9 days later.  You’ll notice that the pills seem to be sprouting nicely, however the seedbombs seem to still be in tact without any sign of growth.  Some of our targets have had some massive changes, like construction crews who have completely destroyed out little test sites.  Other spots have had zero progress, as we were unable to find the pills or bombs that we left there…strange.

The Route

This is a map of our route and targets for the “Seed Pill March.” This map was compiled by Sam.

Tonight’s the Night

Tonight was our seed pill vs seed bombing event through the streets of Shoreditch.  About 10 enthusiastic individuals (a mix of seasoned and new gardeners) showed up at the meeting point in Hoxton Square to join Sam and Vanessa on the walk.  After hitting all targets, we ended the night with a drink in a local pub.

Mapping Potential Targets

Scouting the streets of Shoreditch to find suitable test sites for our event.

Here are just a few…

ElectroSmog and Seed Pills

U.W.A.C. is organising ElectroSmog Festival, an international festival for sustainable immobility, and has asked me to take part.  Vanessa and collaborator Sam Varney, a graphic design student from Central Saint Martins, organized a seed bomb vs seed pill event in East London. The objective of this event is to introduce newcomers to guerrilla gardening, as well as to test the effectiveness of  the seed pill in comparison to the traditional seed bomb.

How it works

The vegetable capsule melts when it rains…

and then…


Seed Bomb Testing with Richard Reynolds

Richard Reynolds, founder of, and Vanessa Harden decided to test various seed bombing devices in his personal guerrilla garden.

Below, Vanessa inserted sunflower seeds in bio-degradable balloons.

G20 Summit, London

As part of the G20 Summit, Vanessa decided to pass out seed pills in a peaceful act of  protest.  It was also an opportunity to share ideas about guerrila gardening and urban wilderness.

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